Kitchen Remodels

Getting the Layout, the Look, and the Practicality You Want 

If the fastest way to the heart is through the stomach, your kitchen deserves some love too. Remodeling your kitchen can turn a necessary room into a fun, festive, or even romantic space. The list of things to consider during a kitchen remodel is endless, so let’s focus on the big picture: the layout, the look, and the practicality of your new kitchen. 

The Layout 

Removing a Wall 

Open floor plans still reign supreme, especially when it comes to kitchens. No one wants to feel holed away when they’re cooking. Opening up the kitchen allows you to supervise kids or entertain your guests while whipping up a creative meal. 

Adding an Island 

Speaking of entertaining guests, adding an island gives people a place to congregate and gives you extra space to lay out chip dip, a salad bar, or your new charcuterie board. 

Placing the Lighting 

The right lighting can give your kitchen the right ambiance, but planning your lighting is more involved than finding the style and color you prefer. Where you put your lighting matters. It affects your visibility in the kitchen and, in some cases, where you place key furniture like a dining room table. Plus, putting recessed lighting in the wrong location can cast shadows directly on your working area. 

Rearranging Appliances 

Moving your appliances may mean switching up plumbing or ventilation systems, which does incur more costs. But if your kitchen layout doesn’t create a pleasant workflow, mixing up your appliance location can be worth it, and it usually is possible. Don’t eliminate your options without talking to an expert. You might be surprised by the potential solutions. 

Keeping Up with Code Requirements 

Kitchens have code requirements. Circuit placements, outlet safety, and many other code requirements come into play with any kitchen remodel. Hiring a professional ensures your kitchen remodel is safe and meet’s today’s code. 

The Look 

Countertops, Cabinets, and Floors 

We’ll dive into the practicality of your kitchen space in a minute, but let’s face it, dreaming up the look for your kitchen remodel is the fun part. Go light? Go dark? Paint the cabinets in a bold color pop? Or go with stained wood to highlight the grain? 

These decisions are yours. The important thing is making sure your look is cohesive and works together to set the desired mood for your space. Choosing your kitchen design can be overwhelming, but don’t sweat it. Our Design Center is here to help guide you toward the kitchen of your dreams. If you’re on a tight budget, you can choose to purchase countertops and cabinets from Powell without using us for installation. 


It’s called “mood lighting” for a reason. In your kitchen, you’ll want to strike the balance between having enough light to cook safely, and having the right light to present your final dish under lights that don’t feel like a high school cafeteria. This usually means you’ll want multiple kinds of lighting, or lighting options in your kitchen. 

Lighting options can be satisfied through the use of several types of lighting, like embedded lighting and recessed lighting, or with lighting that can be dimmed or brightened based on your needs. 


Any kitchen is more fun when it’s functional. If a kitchen looks great, but doesn’t work right, you’ll look back on your remodel with lots of regrets. These are things to keep in mind with any of your new kitchen materials. 

Durability and Cleanability 

The kitchen is messy! Make sure your countertops, cabinets, walls and floors are all durable and easy to maintain. For instance, a backsplash behind your stove can make a big difference in the cleanliness of your kitchen walls. The last thing you want are stains and scratches ruining your new space.


Not having enough storage is the number one complaint most people have about their kitchen. Keeping your kitchen clean is much easier with adequate storage. Clear off your countertops and enjoy having a place for all your pots, pans, specialty appliances, and non-perishable food items.


No one wants a crowded kitchen, but kitchens are almost always en-route to other areas of the house. With family and friends hanging out near your food prep area, you’re going to want to maximize your space to move and work. 

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Powell Construction Kitchen Remodels

We’re an experienced team of kitchen and home remodelers who will help you from the decision making process through to the final room reveal. The first step in any remodel starts with you — go ahead and find some room inspiration on websites, or create your own inspiration board on Pinterest. Once you have some direction of what you like, set up a consultation with our Design Center team. 

Powell Construction thinks the redesign process should be fun for you, and for us. So if you’re enthusiastic about mixing up one of the most popular rooms in your home, give us a call. We can’t wait to work with you.