BAthroom Remodeling

Things to Consider When Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are where we prep for the day and wind down in the evening. We better make that room comfortable! A bathroom remodel can turn a dated, crowded, or undesirable space into a practical and pleasing room to be in.

Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

There are dozens of reasons you could be updating your bathroom. For some, a partial bathroom remodel is a good job to take on before selling a home, as the 2019 NAR Remodeling Impact Report ranks bathroom remodels as the 5th most likely thing to add value to your home (kitchen remodels and upgrades rank #1 and #2). 

For others, it’s about increasing the functionality or beauty of the space they use multiple times every single day. The same NAR report states that a majority of people who renovated their bathroom wanted to be home more and had increased enjoyment of their home after remodeling their bathroom. 

These are just a few of the common reasons to remodel a bathroom. 

  • Outdated aesthetics 
  • Poor storage and functionality 
  • Upgrade worn or damaged materials 
  • Prepping a home for sale 
  • Creating an accessible bathroom that’s safe for seniors or ADA compliant 
  • Additional comfort

Considerations for Any Bathroom Remodel


No one undertakes a bathroom remodel purely to replace their porcelain throne, but if you are going to remodel your bathroom, it’s the perfect time to replace an old toilet. These days, some more modern toilets can reduce water waste, so it’s worth looking at your options before you buy. 


So much of the look of your bathroom is dependent on the flooring. Tile flooring provides a lux look while laminate flooring has improved to the point where it replicates tile and wood well at a typically lower price point. 

Michigan winters bring cold temperatures, and people looking for a spa-like feel in their bathroom may opt for heated flooring to keep away the chill. 

As you shop for flooring, you’ll want to think through more than the look – be sure to consider how the flooring handles moisture and frequent use. Think about how easy it will be to clean and maintain so you’ll be happy with your bathroom for the long haul.

Bathtubs and Showers

Many people undergo a bathroom remodel to add a tub or walk-in shower. You’ll have lots of options to choose from, from a free-standing soaking tub to a waterfall shower. 

Tubs are better suited for larger bathrooms, while walk-in showers can make a small bathroom feel like a much larger space. Short showers are more energy-efficient, using less water than the average bath, but baths offer a luxurious space to unwind, relieve muscle tension, and enjoy some much-needed self-care. 


Remodeling a bathroom vanity involves counters, cabinets, a sink, and the faucet. This is your daily prep station and your nightly tooth-brushing-face-washing location. It needs to be easy to clean, but can be a beautiful area too. You’ll have lots of looks to choose from, like glass basins and granite countertops. Do some bathroom inspiration browsing to find a look you love so we can help the rest of the bathroom complement the vanity’s look. 

Remodeling for Accessibility 

Accessibility is critical for people with limited mobility. If you or someone you love uses a wheelchair, you understand how frustrating it can be to fit into tight spaces like most household bathrooms. Bathrooms that are accessible can include everything from a wider entry space to a wall-hung sink and wheelchair-friendly shower. 

Well designed accessible bathrooms have a space that’s thoughtfully designed so wheelchair users can move and rotate in the bathroom with ease. We care about accessible building and understand ADA compliance. As you go through your accessible bathroom remodel, we can guide you through the decision making processes to ensure your bathroom is functional and pleasant for everyone.

Renovating a Bathroom for Seniors 

Like accessible bathrooms, bathrooms for seniors are both important and necessary as you or your loved ones get older. Bathrooms that are wheelchair accessible are also walker accessible. In addition, items like grab bars, removable shower heads, fall-resistant non-slip floors and other considerations are important in improving bathroom safety for seniors. We’ll help you design a safe, comfortable space for people of all ages. 

Make Powell Your Bathroom Remodeling Company

As bathroom remodelers, we’ve completed numerous renovations that brought joy to homeowners all across Southwest Michigan. Not only can we complete the remodel labor, we also create design plans that give life to your vision and stay within your project budget. 

Purchase Bathroom Renovation Materials through Powell Construction’s Design Center

Whether you’re doing a DIY bathroom remodel or looking for us to take on your remodel, we can help you select and purchase the materials you need through our Design Center. Best of all, thanks to our longstanding relationships with suppliers, we can often get your materials at lower rates than you’d find at common big box stores. 

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  • And more! 

Contact us to schedule a consultation for your bathroom remodel project. When you come to your consultation, bring some design inspiration photos or create your own Pinterest board to give our crew some ideas of what you’re looking for. We can’t wait to meet you and bring your project to life.