About Us


"It is our pleasure to highly recommend Powell Construction for building and designing new homes. They have far surpassed any builder we have worked with in our 20 years of investing in real estate. Our primary residence is in Illinois, and we currently own 4 vacation homes in other states, and Powell construction was the only experience out of state that was a pleasure to do business with. We did not have any stress or concerns what so ever throughout the building process. We actually were able to sign the contract, make all of our decisions, and even furnish everything in a few short, day trip visits to St. Joseph. I was pregnant with our fourth child when we began working with Powell. My husband and I planned our quality time together on the days we worked with Powell. It really was a date, we enjoyed the drive over, in which we discussed details. We worked in the morning, went out to lunch, got back together for a short time to make decisions. We were back on our way to our children in Illinois before rush hour traffic. This happened about three times, and the entire process was complete. I believe it was such an easy, pleasurable, experience due to the professionalism, and design center of Powell Construction. We did not have to run around to a bunch of different places trying to make decisions on our own. In which, we've had to do with other builders. Building a home really is an overwhelming process, with so many details, and with Powell it was simple and stress free.

Furthermore, during the building process, Powell Construction was on top of every detail. We made friends with the neighbors and would get reports from our "watch guards" in the neighborhood. There was never once when we were surprised, or they told us something that contradicted Powell Constructions reports of progress. They completed the job in the time they said they would. They did everything they said they would and more. We were really impressed when it came to punch list time at the end, and we arrived at our new home to see yellow post in notes placed in certain areas.

Greg Powell is so detailed in his work, he had taken care of all the details, and we could not find anything that had to be corrected in the home. This too has been a unique experience with Powell Construction, we have always found errors to correct with others, but not Powell. We were unable to find anything to correct in the year post construction for our one year warranty date. Sometime after that, in the second year, our water heater was not working properly. Powell took care of it, and we did not get a bill.

Lastly, we are extremely grateful to Heather Jasper for being such an excellent designer. Again, working with a designer, compliments of the builder, has been unique for us with Powell. She was able to - in a very short time - get to know both my husband and myself. We are both very different people with different tastes, she was able to bring our ideas together and help us furnish, and complete two homes, that are just perfect. They represent all of who we both are, and has been a dream come true.

We currently rely on Powell Construction to help in the Management of our properties. We do short term leasing on one of our homes, and again we had a problem that was time sensitive. Powell Construction came to our immediate rescue, and took care of the problem the same day. We, as well as our guests, were so pleased and impressed.

We would (and have) highly recommend Powell Construction to anyone for their home construction and design needs."
Mike & Ellen Avery
Plainfield, Illinois