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Construction on first housing complex begins in Harbor Shores

December 17, 2009 - By Alana Greenfogel, WNDU.com

Berrien County, MI

The Harbor Shores Project is almost complete, and Thursday, the community got a peak at the ten holes ready for play and a transformed beach front.

The very first housing complex has just begun. When the project's done, 800 houses, condos and cottages will be built. Three quarters of them will be second homes for families.

The hope is that they'll bring an economic boom with to the community.

About ten homes have already been sold, even before a nail's been hit.

Ken and Connie Clifford from Paw Paw are one of the very first people to buy a house that's part of the new Harbor Shores Complex.

"It's really nice. It's right on the river," says Ken.

The Cliffords joined local lawmakers, developers and other involved parties in breaking ground at two of the housing sights.

One is called The Fairways, and the other is called Hideaway.

The Cliffords will live in an area nestled between Paw Paw River and the 9th green.

"We've always looked at this area and thought to ourselves the potential of it," says Ken.

For the Cliffords, it's the balance between city life and natural beauty.

"It's that's relationship that we've always been drawn to," says Ken.

"It's a beautiful composite of the best of both worlds," says Connie.

"Harbor Shore's focus is all about lifestyle - add more weekend to your weekend. The walking trails that we'll have throughout the community, the proximity to the beaches, the convenience of it all," says Kerry Wright, sales manager.

When the entire Harbor Shores Project is done, 800 homes will be built.

"I think roughly every two and a half homes I build at the Hideaway is going to add $1 million in tax base to the township. So, that's huge," says Greg Powell.

The Cliffords are very excited about their future home and their future hobby.

"They've offered a 10 year package of free golfing for the first customers, so we definitely will be golfing," says Ken.

But it's still a long way to golf season, and until they move in.

"We look forward to spring and seeing leaves on the trees there and the development come to fruition," says Ken

"It's just going to be an exciting experience," says Connie.

Many of the homes are built by a local contractor and they're energy efficient.

The insulation in some of the homes is actually made of recycled newspaper.

Move-in day for the homes won't be until the end of next summer. The price tag for the homes is between $300,000 and $1 million.

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